In today’s WFH climate where people spend even more of their time online, digital marketing services have become crucial to promoting businesses. It’s now an integral part of brand awareness and the customer’s journey – no matter the size.

The average daily social media usage amounts to 145 minutes per day, worldwide. That’s 52,780 minutes per year, equivalent to 10% of their time a year on socials – that’s a lot of time!

Clok time EbonyherRemember, that’s just social media, not accounting for search engines, websites, and apps where people spend 24/7 of their time online. So, just imagine the reach your business can have if it uses the digital market correctly. Here’s the burning question, can you develop a result-driven digital marketing strategy yourself or should you invest your coins in hiring a digital marketing specialist?

Here are some pros and cons to help you make up your mind.

DIY Digital Marketing

Let’s cut to the chase, saving money is the number one reason businesses decide to take the DIY approach. And while this is feasible, businesses should weigh up the pros and cons before committing to developing their own digital marketing strategy if they’re expecting good results.

Below are some pros and cons to doing it alone:


  1. It’s affordable: Cut costs down by managing your digital marketing.
  2. You know your business best: Your knowledge can help promote your business to your consumers.
  3. You’ll have total control: You make the decisions about your digital marketing strategy to promote your business.


  1. Lack of results: Inexperience with establishing and implementing a digital marketing strategy can cause more harm than good which could pose a business risk – wasting time and money waiting for results that don’t always appear.
  2. Time-consuming: Operating digital marketing channels is a full-time job. If you want to see results you should invest in adequate time.

Digital Marketing Specialist 

There’s certainly value in hiring a digital marketing specialist – they’re professionally trained and experienced in driving results. Additionally, they’ll boost your rankings, differentiate you from your competitors and communicate directly to your consumers.

Here are some pros and cons to outsourcing to agencies:


  1. Expertise: Get knowledgeable professionals in the digital market to do it for you, like digital marketing specialists at EbonyHer.
  2. Quality assurance: Rest assured that your agency is producing quality work and using the right digital marketing tools, correctly.
  3. Save time: You can focus on significant aspects of your business while your agency schedules your social media posts, creates your blog posts, or your PPC campaigns and more.
  4. Get results! Good digital marketing services deliver results. At EbonyHer, we know the secret to building long-term clientele – and offer our knowledge and experience through training too.


  1. Initial investment: The upfront investment for digital marketing services is more costly than the DIY approach however, the risk is lower.
  2. Find the right agency: It’s important to pick the perfect fit to represent your brand for the best results in the digital market.

Need more convincing? Feel free to contact EbonyHer with your questions about our digital marketing services.

Musu Kargbo-Reffell

Musu Kargbo-Reffell

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