Let’s begin with understanding these two metrics when reporting on insights or analytics in the digital marketing landscape. The distinctive differences between impressions and reach…

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Well, as far as creating impressions go in the metrics sphere, it is literally and figuratively ‘impressions’, you know like when one desires to create a “good impression” they follow purposeful steps, first, second, third et cetera, etcetera. In analytic reporting impressions are cumulative — the sum total of times your posts have entered people’s newsfeeds/timeline.


Here’s the thing with reach, it’s basically this: the number of unique users whose screens your post appears on. That is the single but significant difference between impressions and reach. One impression is not necessarily one reach, but one reach is necessarily (at least) one impression. So it’s clear impressions are important and are the building blocks for creating reach, which lead to engagements, this increases the conversion probability rates, resulting in increased ROI. Now that is the best case scenario, after all the ultimate goal for marketers, businesses’ and all other influencers is ROI.

Are you creating a good impression?

Now that we’ve cleared that up, we can begin to address why your increased impressions aren’t translating to increased enquiries/sales/profit. It’s likely your content is circling the same audience — people who are either repeat customers or have dismissed it as content not applicable to them.


perhaps it’s literally just a few people who have seen your posts multiple times. A little extreme but for example. Your posts may be falling on recycled eyes — your high impression count isn’t as impressive as you thought. You’ve got to learn how to reach out.


1. Generate interactive content or something useful.

It starts with your content. The strategies you employ and the money you throw at them will matter very little if your material is not worth viewing. Facebook wants to be an advocate of high quality, highly likable content, and its algorithms will punish posts that do not adhere to this vision. It measures the worth of your post by how much people are engaging with it; whether they are reacting, commenting, sharing, and (for videos) watching it through to the end.

So every impression is a potential treasure trove of reaches, you just have to employ some viral marketing methods to open it. If someone tags their pal under one of your posts then your content will appear in the feeds of the friends of both the tagger and the tagged. Have you seen those comment sections on Instagram that are synonymous with tags? Those are a reaches goldmine. This is one of the tactics used by Social Media Managers to maximise reach on the Instagram pages they manage. Later recommends using 30 hashtags per post and organizing them via Google Sheets, however, be careful not to come across spammy. All in moderation!

So, in light of all this, here’s how you’d want things to play out on every post: People spread your content because it’s good → Facebook promotes your content because people are spreading it → People see your content because Facebook has promoted it → People spread your content because it’s good.

If you inject your paid promotion at the end of the first step, it will give a bigger boost to the subsequent ones. Follow the steps advised and see it as your focal point for maximising reach.. Your posts need to be inherently strong enough to generate their own organic traction in the beginning. Then you can step in and reach with two hands.

2. Getting noticed.

What are your competitors doing? How can you be unique? This is another metric by the way as unique visitors come as a result of better reach? You couldn’t have made it this far if there were nothing distinctive about your brand — translate your USP  into different media and release them into the world. It’s not just the quality but the novelty of your posts that will generate engagement. People are more likely to share something Funny, factual and digestible. They know their audience and will only share something relevant and interesting, think of this as your very own earned media if your content is shared; they’ll want to be known as the one who discovered this cool new thing.

Be realistic about the kind of content you can deliver — it can be a slow process of building and growth, rather than one single internet breaking hit. However, when you get that hit, just keep repeating the same steps to keep up and ahead of the game,

Feel free to reach out to Ebonyher to create your impressions on this platform.


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